Numb feet when running – Here’s why

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numb feet runningGetting numb feet when running is fairly common and more often than not there is a very easy fix for it, so read on to find out how you can get rid of your numbness fast.

Ahhh, If only all our problems were so easy to fix!

It may surprise you but how you tighten your laces up could well be the cause. Now I’m not saying that this is the cause for all numb feet when running and walking but it is a major one and the easiest to address.

Numb feet when running lace up properlyWe all do it, sit down, slip our socks on and proceed to firmly and decisively tighten and tie our laces. Great! And away you go. But unfortunately, this little ritual is done wrong – with all the best intentions I know! But wrong none the less.

Wrong because we (I’m generalizing here) tend to tighten the laces from the top, at the last rung. Making them tightest at the top is doing it all wrong and restricting the foot’s blood and nerve supply.

So what’s the easy fix?

A lot of seasoned runners will know this and do this already but believe me, they are far out numbered by those that don’t.

Answer: Tighten your laces up from the toe – up. Ensuring that the last two rungs are no more than 80% of max tension

You can also try tying your laces how a lot of runners are doing it now by utilizing those extra eyelets in your shoe:

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This gives your feet breathing space, which makes for much happier feet and a much happier runner!

Win, win!  Give it a go, alter than ritual and be forever better off.