PhysioPrescription strives to give everyone the ability to fix their injuries, prevent injuries and improve the health of their bodies through a free, evidence based and easy to read website. We do this by providing you with great self-treatment techniques, rehabilitation exercises and much more to live stronger, healthier and pain-free lives.

Full of simple jargon free content by an experienced Physiotherapist, PP is committed to building the biggest and best free resource for you all. We look to cover all aspects of the awesome machine that is your body, from rehab and pain relief of Low Back Pain, sciatica and Headaches to strengthening after strains, sprains and Sorting out muscle imbalances. The common theme you will find in this resource is that we are not band-aiding – We aim to treat and target the CAUSE as well as the symptoms, for long-term results.


This is done through providing you with:

  • Facts and information
  • Effective rehabilitation exercises
  • Self-treatment techniques
  • And genuinely helpful products

In order to:

  1. Decrease any initial pain and inflammation.
  2. Unload the affected area through specific exercises.
  3. Increase specific muscle strength and endurance.
  4. Increase Joint and soft tissue mobility with techniques you can do at home or the gym.
  5. Treat the underlying causative factors!


Take some time to look through my posts – This is an investment in your body!

Thanks for reading, the content on this site is constantly being added to and updated, so If there is a topic that you would find helpful and isn’t here – let me know and I will make sure to help you out with this.

Rehabilitation Exercises and tools to you!


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