Healthy Eating

Learn how to eat healthy - because dieting does not lastEating healthy is an essential parting of living a Happy, active and pain-free life.

The main idea behind Physioprescription is giving you the tools, exercise and information to help yourself. You learn nothing from following an exact health plan, already calorie counted, with all the thinking done for you for 12 weeks or from completely cutting out entire food groups. By doing this you really are missing out. Missing out on getting involved, learning what you can eat a lot of, what you should eat little of and making eating healthy a part of your life.


Thankfully diets are knowing becoming a past time, quick fixes never last and you often put the weight straight back on afterwards. Not only that but they can lead to all  sorts of health problems including depression, irritability, stress and anxiety to say the least. The number of adults dieting in America has drastically reduced from 31% in 1991, to around 20% in 2013. That is still a huge number, but at least it is decreasing.

Here on Physioprescription we aim to give YOU the information and knowledge, simply and clearly to fuel a healthy and active life.

Because life isn’t a fad.


In this series of articles we are going to give you the information, ideas and tools to change your eating habits for the better and by learning to do this yourself and getting involved, it will last. It doesn’t have to be drastic changes, you can take bit by bit and gradually change  for the better.

So keep an eye out below over the next Month as we built this great guide to healthy eating.


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