Is Your Shoulder Mobility good enough? Quick Test

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shoulder mobility, get full shoulder rangeSwimmers, wight-lifters, cross fitters and more – you need full overhead shoulder range to prevent injury and perform well  – but how do you know if your shoulder mobility is up to scratch?

Do this easy test to see whet your overhead shoulder mobility is like!

All you need to do is lie on a bench, bed or table with your owns straight out in front (why it is often known as the superman test).


Combined extension test for swimmers shoulder rangeAction: Keeping your head down the entire time, raise both arms up as high as you can.

Now, you will need either a camera or someone else watching as you wont be able to see.

Pass or Fail?

For optimal range your arms need to be at least horizontal – See the photo above, the long red line is the horizon line and the other is the arm line. In this example, this is roughly negative 20 degrees of overhead range. This is a fail!


How to improve this?


What now? Get out there, find a helper and test yourself – this is very important range that, if below par is a real risk factor for injury, not just for your shoulder, but your neck and back.


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