The Sprained Ankle Recovery Guide – Free Amazon Download

We are very excited to release our new eBook this week and want to make it available for our loyal followers to download for. It is free just for three days after launch, so make sure you grab a sprained ankle recovery guide quick.

The Sprained Ankle Recovery Guide is a comprehensive compilation of our most popular past articles on ankle sprain rehab combined with recommendations from recent research and a simple, easy to follow rehab plan.

The guide takes you from day one of an ankle sprain, right through to clearance testing that a physio would use on you to make sure that you really are ready to go again. There is also of course advice on the use of braces and when to see a doctor and you can jump in at whichever stage you are at.

So, help us out while helping yourself out and download the new eBook, let us know what you think and please review it if you like it!

Enjoy. (click the image below)

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