Top 5 Physio and Health Myths Busted

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Does physio work, yes but these are myths

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If you are a regular reader of PhysioPrescription, no doubt you will know some of these already but this is a great image to illustrate these common health myths. This is a must know and not just for physios or patients of physios, this will affect so many people. Have you ever been told you need a specific mattress or that you need to stretch before running?

Most physios will and should know this information already but hopefully the publicity brought by this article in the daily mail will bring those remaining into the 21st century.

Unfortunately most of the public do not know this information and it needs to be told. From stretching before exercise to wearing a neck brace – these are the five most important, so please share and get the word out there.

It illustrates how important it is for health professionals to be up-to-date with current research as there is always new research being done to make sure the best treatment methods are being used. Not only that but it shows how long-held beliefs (such as stretching before exercise) can actually be proven wrong.

It pays to keep an open mind and challenge the norm. Good work to the people at PEDro


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