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Ankle sprain treatment

Because sprained ankles are so common, every second person you talk to will have a different opinion on what is best and what you should do. So, to help you out we looked at the best research and summarized what is REALLY the best sprained ankle treatment so that there is no room for confusion.

Here is our infographic summary:

Ankle sprain treatment


As you can see, almost all research papers that this systematic review looked at, agreed that physical therapy (physiotherapy) should be trialled before surgery. This is relevant for grade 1, 2 and 3 sprained ankles – so even the high-grade tears. Of course, every injury is different so there is always the exception to this but your physio can guide you better with that after a thorough assessment.

What we found interesting was that ankle braces are now being recommended for at least one-year post injury. They have also been shown over this time to effectively lower re-injury rates and should be a g-to sprained ankle treatment. It is also worth noting that certain treatments that are used very commonly such as ultrasound and manual therapy show little benefit – this isn’t to say that they offer no benefit, they just haven’t been proven to give statistically significant improvements – for some people that can really help and we find manual therapy is very effective for the sprains and fractures (when out of cast) that are particularly stiff.

You can check out one of our most popular posts on ankle rehab HERE. It details some great basic rehab exercises to help guide your ankle back to it’s best as this is far more beneficial than just resting the ankle. Resting won’t get your strength back, it won’t get movement back as effectively and can just lead to more dysfunction.

OR check out our new, full and comprehensive Ankle Rehab Guide – it is downloadable, simple and step by step, not to mention being research-based which means it is proven.

Takeaway point: Active rehab is the key to successful sprained ankle treatment.

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