The Best Glute Stretch

glut and Lat stretch - Hip flexibility

Trust me, the title is not an exaggeration. This really is the best glute stretch. In my experience this is the stretch my patients rave about the most. This is also about the only stretch they keep doing once injury free, because it makes you feel so much better – and gets results!

So give this glute stretch a shot, it can really work wonders.

The Best Deep Glute Stretch:

First of all I will show you the glute stretch and a video to make sure you are doing it right and then I’ll fill you in on why it is so good for your hips, knees shoulders and especially your low back.

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What Does This Glute Stretch Actually Stretch?

  • the best glute stretchYour glutes, hamstrings and other hip rotators. All of these muscles at the back of your hips get stretched out here to unload the pull on your low back and hips.

This also increases the mobility of your hip joint by increasing the rotation.

Increased mobility is essential for something as simple as walking, but also for sports such as golf where hip rotation is crucial.

  • Lat stretchYour latissimus dorsi (muscle in your back) is stretched out when you bring your arm across your body as shown in the video.

When tight the lats can pull your shoulder down and forward, so great to stretch out!

Try and do this stretch daily and make it part of your routine as it can work wonders, but as with other exercises, it isn’t a quick fix!

Looking for more? We have this and much more in a full, evidence-based, rehab guide.

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