Hamstring exercises – How to prevent injury

Hamstring strains are happening everyday AND over 12% re-injure within one year – That amounts to a lot of time if not the entire season out with injury. I will show you how to keep your hamstring healthy with the best hamstring exercises that are quick and easy.

First Some Statistics

Hamstring strain - heal fast and strong with self treatmentThe worrying thing is that it is so easy to become another statistic. Hammy injuries happen all the time in sports that need high-speed running, change of direction and kicking. For example they make up a massive 37% of all muscle injuries in Footballers – This is far too much. Add to this the fact that; 12-43% of those re-injure their hamstrings… unfortunately you could be a statistic just waiting to happen.

What do we know so far?

In the first two posts in this hamstring series I told you:

What a hamstring tear is and how to treat it in the first 72 hours


How to heal strong and fast

Now this is how to keep you hamstring strong, flexible and pain-free.

This is for anyone that has strained their hamstring in the past or doesn’t want to ever experience hamstring injury (so yes, every running athlete should be doing these).

Hamstring Exercises for a healthy body:

1. Nordic Curls:

This is the most important exercise in maintaining a healthy Hammy and should be done daily.

nordic curls - hamstring rehab and strengthening exercisePosition:

Start on your knees, keeping your body straight from your knees to your shoulders.


Bending at the knees slowly lower yourself forward (keeping your torso straight – do not bend at the hips) as far as you can – and then catch yourself with your arms.


3 sets of 8 reps.

Video: Here is a good video example.

Make sure to control yourself down as much as you can with your hamstrings – And yes they probably will cramp up so take a short break, stretch out and try again – it will get easier.

Hamstring stretch: A tight muscle is a weak muscle – You need your hamstring both strong and flexible so do this easy doorway stretch daily:

2. Hamstring doorway stretch

doorway stretchAction:

Lying on your back place one leg up the door frame and the other straight out as shown.

You can adjust the stretch on your hammy by moving closer or further away from the doorway.

Tip – add more of a stretch by applying pressure to your knee.


For 1-2 minutes for each leg.

And that is it – Two exercises that you should be regularly doing to maintain a healthy hamstring. Not too hard is it? No, but it makes a huge difference.

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