The Human foot – Amazing video of foot mechanics

Foot mechanics the natural human footThe human foot is an amazing thing and something we rely so much on – It shouldn’t be taken for granted. This is a great video by the BBC that demonstrates and discusses our amazing natural foot mechanics of our feet and how it works to keep us moving efficiently.

There is some dissection in the video so be warned if you are a bit squeamish, but it is well worth it!

There is also a great explanation in here of the plantar fascia and windlass mechanism and how this natural spring mechanism helps us move – you will be surprised how complicated our feet are!


What do you think about our foot mechanics? Pretty bloody lucky aren’t we.

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One Response to The Human foot – Amazing video of foot mechanics

  1. tysonpark says:

    As an endurance runner and being old man like me, foot injuries are practically inevitable. I’m an experiences barefoot marathoner including Boston marathons. This video is truly a marble for me. In my enecdotic experiences shod running and barefoot running are not same, and shoes are the main causes of foot injuries but I could be wrong. Understanding foot functions via this video analysis is so good that I recommend to every runners. I’m running 2016 Boston marathon barefoot. If I could run faster than before, this video is the one!

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