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Myofascial Release – Tight Hamstring Treatment

Tight hamstrings? Ongoing hamstring niggles and pain? Or if you just want to improve flexibility, then this tight hamstring treatment is … Read more

Is Your Shoulder Mobility good enough? Quick Test

Swimmers, wight-lifters, cross fitters and more – you need full overhead shoulder range to prevent injury and perform well  – … Read more

1 in 5 people will get a Stress Fracture Running

A huge 20% of runners get stress fractures – often when building to a big race! Find out here the … Read more

Numb feet when running – Here’s why

Getting numb feet when running is fairly common and more often than not there is a very easy fix for … Read more

Trochanteric Bursitis – The Best Exercises and Self-Treatment

Trochanteric bursitis is a an all too common cause of hip pain throughout the population, from athletes to the elderly. … Read more

Shin Splints Treatment and Exercises

Shin splints is the most common lower limb injury in athletes and can lead to large blocks off training and … Read more

How to improve concentration and focus!

I really don’t need to explain this great graphic as it clearly shows much increased brain activity after a short … Read more

Torn Meniscus: Self-Treatment Exercises

Often, surgery is not the best option – So what should home-rehab exercises look like for a torn meniscus? In … Read more

The Best Glute Stretch

This is the stretch my patients rave about the most and about the only stretch they keep doing once injury … Read more

How dehydration affects performance

Fluid loss, or dehydration due to activity happens daily in all of us and without replacing that loss – your … Read more

Iron out your Runninng

Have you every been taught how to run properly? If not then read on as this will change how you exercise.

Mobilise your spine at home

Increasing the movement in your upper back is fantastic for unloading your shoulder and neck (and making you talller!)

Sprained ankle: Heal fast and strong

Treating a sprained ankle the RIGHT way early on means a stronger ankle, faster recovery and less chance of re-injury.

Beat Back pain for good

Far too common and too often put up with - get your low back under control!
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