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Quick Ankle Range Test – Must Know for any Athlete

There are very few tests which are proven predictors of injury AND are accurate on anyone. Whether you’re an amateur, … Read more

How to Prevent ITB syndrome: IT band exercises

ITB syndrome can be painful and difficult to treat, BUT with the right pre-hab and IT band exercises, YOU don’t … Read more

The importance of Core Stability on injury

Having a stable core and pelvis has huge benefits through-out the body, including laying a stable base for your legs … Read more

IT Band Syndrome: New research, New Rehab Rules

Are you sick of trying to fix your IT Band Syndrome by stretching, strengthening or foam rolling your Iliotibial Band? … Read more

Myofascial Release – Tight Hamstring Treatment

Tight hamstrings? Ongoing hamstring niggles and pain? Or if you just want to improve flexibility, then this tight hamstring treatment is … Read more

Can’t get up off the floor or a chair? Here’s how to improve

Movements that many of us take for granted at some can become harder with age,weight-gain or injury and it isn’t … Read more

Slipped Disc: What is it and how to fix it

Slipped disc, Herniated disc, disc bulge and sciatica are all interchangeable and often used to explain the same thing. So … Read more

What causes cramp? Maybe not water or electrolytes…

Muscle cramping is something everyone has had at some point, and something athletes often battle with, even with adequate liquid … Read more

Knee Sprain Treatment – Rehab Exercises to Heal Fast and Strong

Managing a knee sprain the right way, means faster healing, stronger healing and you get back to what you love … Read more

How to Protect and Strengthen Cartilage

What if I told you that to keep your joint cartilage strong you need to put load on your joints … Read more

Iron out your Runninng

Have you every been taught how to run properly? If not then read on as this will change how you exercise.

Mobilise your spine at home

Increasing the movement in your upper back is fantastic for unloading your shoulder and neck (and making you talller!)

Sprained ankle: Heal fast and strong

Treating a sprained ankle the RIGHT way early on means a stronger ankle, faster recovery and less chance of re-injury.

Beat Back pain for good

Far too common and too often put up with - get your low back under control!
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